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Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Providers

The Guidance Center employs over 200 community members in various roles.

The roles involved directly in member care include the following:

Psychiatrists are medical doctors with a specialty in mental health. Our psychiatrists see to the psychiatric needs of members on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners are nurse practitioners with a specialty in mental health. They are able to prescribe psychiatric medications under the supervision of a psychiatrist. They work closely with members to ensure proper use and adherence to medications as well as managing side effects and other life stressors. They are usually one piece of the whole treatment plan.

Registered Nurses work on several of our units and monitor vital signs, administer medications, and provide support to the member's overall health.

Therapists are specialists in mental health disorders. They work with members on life stressors, toward the goal of assisting the members with healthy coping skills, relationship skills, life skills and more.

Care Managers are specially trained to work within an integrated care framework. This means that they will help members to make sure both their mental health and physical health is being properly tended to. Care managers will assist in coordinating care, such as assisting with making appointments, finding resources, and advocating for oneself.

Case Managers are available to help in coordinating services for a member. They will help to make appointments, find resources and will help the member with skills to advocate for him/herself.

Behavioral Health Specialists work on 24 hour units and are available to assist with day-to-day needs of members such as keeping the schedule, keeping everyone safe and attending to daily needs.

Patient Access Representatives are the smiling faces you see when you first come in. They are at the reception desk to make sure you get checked in and all of your documents are in order. They can assist with insurance questions and community resources.

Peer Support Specialists are available to help with many things that a therapist or care/case manager may not be able to help with. They have been there and they understand what a member may be going through. They offer valuable insight and assistance.


  • Lauren Lauder, MBA, MSW, LISAC - Chief Executive Officer
  • Devon Forrest, MA - Chief Operating Officer
  • Trever Davis, DBH, LAC - Chief Clinical Officer
  • Teresa Bertsch, MD - Chief Medical Officer
  • Michael Kuzmin, MPA - Chief Financial Officer
  • Nathan Jones, JD, CHC - Chief Compliance Officer

Board of Directors

Jon Perez, President

Judy Marfechuk, Treasurer

Nathan Jones, Secretary

Kerry Blume, Director

Celeste Irons, Director

Beth Otterstein, Director

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What Do Our Clients Say?

TGC has been there for me, and I will continue to use TGC. TGC has helped me see there is hope, especially after losing my son, 4 family member's, working on myself, as well as working on family issues, mental health, and much more. Thank you to all the staff and being there for me as well as my family.

- Mello - Flagstaff Arizona
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